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advantages of our products

Organic cultivation
Our products meet the highest requirements and have the appropriate certificates
High nutritional value
Due to careful organic cultivation, our products are 70% more nutritious than ordinary …
Not ground grain
When collecting / processing does not destroy the outer shell, which has the most amount of useful trace elements …
Primary seed material
We do not use modified sowing material …

disadvantages of grain from the market

Chemical cultivation
To increase the harvest, the producers increase the amount of fertilizers with elements harmful to the human body …
Low nutritional value
Through the use of growth stimulants, herbicides and pesticides – the nutritional value of products is drastically reduced …
Ground grain
The destroyed shell of the grain containing the largest amount of nutrients …
Weakly pronounced taste
Due to the use of intensive farming methods, the taste quality of the grain is lost …

Я і моя сім’я – за здоровий спосіб життя, і звісно правельного харчування. Зерно замовляємо лише в ФГ “Костів”, так як впевненні в його якості (видно що люди живуть цим і нам це імпонує), дякуємо вам!


“Періодично купую продукцію цього виробника, мені подобається і якість і ціна. Рекомендую”

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life-giving production

I offer organic, Bio-Eco, pure, without chemistry, products from the "Green" Manufacturing. PRODUCT FOR CHILDREN. With great attention we treat even small details. Seed material can not be chemically treated and disinfected. Fighting pests is carried out solely by natural methods, weeds are destroyed mechanically or manually. The great efforts ensure the high quality and safety of our products ...

-Bogdan Kostiv

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life-giving production

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